Social skills are needed to communicate, persuade, and interact with others. Social skills allow children to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, understand and express their own feelings, and interpret others’ feelings. Self-esteem is the way individuals think and feel about themselves, and their perception of how well they do things that are important to them. Strong self-esteem helps children handle conflicts, resist negative pressures, and make friends. When social skills are absent, children cannot fully engage in learning experiences, give or receive feedback, listen, or determine appropriate self-disclosure. When children have low self-esteem, they may have trouble relating to others, expressing their creativity, or succeeding with academics. There are many types of toys that can help improve social skills and self-esteem such as role play toys, group card games, group board games, conversation starter games, personalized activity kits and toys, (e.g. scrapbooks), reward charts, and craft kits

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